10 things you don’t know about dogs

Have you ever wondered how many years on average a dog can live and how much hearing they have? Here are 10 essential facts about man’s best friend: they’ll make you a master at interpreting all things dog-related.

Listen up!

Dogs have twice as many muscles as humans to move their ears, and they use them to make over 100 different facial expressions. These extraordinary ears allow them to hear sounds that are four times farther away than humans can hear.

Why does the dog turn around before lying down?

In the wild, this behavior allows him to lay down on tall grass before lying down. To make your pet comfortable in your home, assign him a specific place to sleep and keep him there. This will make him feel more secure.

His eyes are bigger than his belly – literally!

The stomach of a small breed dog is the size of a walnut.

Brush his teeth regularly!

The adult dog has 42 teeth that need care. It is necessary in particular to brush them regularly with specific products and to make him undergo once a year a dental examination.

How many years does a dog live ?

The life expectancy of a dog is 8 to 15 years. Even if he is healthy, have him examined regularly by a veterinarian because it will help him stay that way and live longer by your side.

How defenseless is the puppy?

At birth, the puppy is deaf, blind, toothless and has very little sense of smell. To help him grow into a strong adult dog, feed him food designed specifically for puppies.

A bite more dangerous than its bark

A dog’s jaws exert an average pressure of 150 to 200 pounds per square inch. This pressure can reach 450 pounds in some species. To keep your dog’s jaws off your property, give him toys to distract him. Consider balls with treats inside, sandpits with toys inside, and water bowls large enough for him to play in. Be sure to give him all the exercise he needs by walking him often. This will combat any destructive behaviors that come from boredom.

That’s a lot of hair!

Some dogs produce up to 100 feet of fur a day – the equivalent in length of six family-sized cars. That includes all the new hair that grows on the animal’s body, from head to tail.

Living alone: choose your dog carefully

The most attractive dog, they say, is the Golden Retriever, the most repulsive is the Pit Bull. Before you decide on a breed, learn about it and make sure it fits your lifestyle.

The young dog needs exercise

For a young dog, exercise and playtime is the most important part of the day. As your dog grows, mealtime will become more important. It’s up to you to adapt what he eats to his age.