Sleeping with your dog: good for your sleep

Your dog follows you everywhere…even into your bedroom. No worries! It could even have a positive impact on your sleep.

For some, your bedroom is a sacred place where your dog can’t set foot. For others, you leave your door open and that may be a very good idea. An American study conducted with specialists from the Mayo Clinic in Arizona shows that people who sleep with their dog in their room had a better quality of sleep. Their pet brings a real comfort and security that would allow them to sleep better.

However, you should not let your dog climb into your bed, as it may further disrupt your sleep rather than helping to improve it. Also, it should be noted that the participants in the study did not have young puppies that needed special care and could break their owners’ sleep cycle.

It is actually the presence that is reassuring. Knowing that your pet is in your room can actually help you sleep better, which is contrary to what you might have thought before. You may feel more secure and fall into the arms of Morpheus more easily. You sleep soundly knowing that your dog is nearby. And according to the study, the size of your dog has no impact.

Big or small, the benefits are felt. Check out our list of the best dog breeds for your family. So don’t think your dog is a disturbance if he stays in your room, he could actually help you have a better night. And that’s something everyone needs.